IASH Becomes NGO Partner for Build Your Bot

I Am Still Human will be collaborating with Robochamps as the NGO Partner for their record breaking robot making event. 20000 children will share a stage and create history in robotics by creating their own line following robot. This is a step that takes the people closer to the Make in India initiative. Schools from around the country will be approached and their students will be given training for making these robots. Given the ingenuity of the project we expect a good turn out. This initiative will help in bringing out the creative minds and will help develop interest in science amongst children in their initial stage of life in making robots. Thus helping the country prosper and help in managing the problem of brain drain. We hope that this will help the educators understand the need to shift the pattern of education from theory to practical.

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Blood Donation Camp by IASH

Every year, millions of people die at the hand of major blood crisis in hospitals. All of us know that accidents and mishap do not give a prior notice when they strike, and there aren’t many ways one can be prepared for them. They happen in a moment and it is catastrophic. Several people have lost their lives because there is an acute shortage of blood in not just India but around the world. With the aim of addressing this need, the team of I Am Still Human arranged a Blood Donation camp on 4th of December 2016. We were delighted by the response we received, it was heartwarming to see the youth turn up to contribute for a noble cause. Charity begins at home, and keeping with this, the Founder-Chairperson of I Am Still Human, Vivek Mehra also donated blood along with several other members of the team.

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World Remembrance Day for Accident Victims

Mors Certa Hora Incerta means ‘death is certain but its hour is not’. In light of this saddening fact I am Still Human along with Panchkula Administration organized a candle light vigil in the memory of the lives lost in road accidents on 15th November 2015. Parents, family and friends of road crash victims were invited. The loss of a loved one is the hardest to bear and the most painful to go through. To share our love with them and to tel these broken families that they are not alone in what they went through, this march was organized.  The participation and support was enormous. People turned up with banners that read “say no to drinking and driving” or “don’t use mobile while driving” and various other slogans.  We pray that the souls that were lifted from this earth find comfort and solace in their heavenly abode.

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Taking Pro-Digi to Another Level

On 18 February 2015, the Vice President of I Am Still Human, Harshita Chaarag met the Inspector General of Patiala, Naunihal Singh, to discuss our fresh project that deals with the education sector. Sir was familiarized with the project and given the idea of the same. We were delighted to see sir’s enthusiasm. Sir has offered to help us with our project and offered his aid. The team will be visiting sir soon to discuss the project further and move things ahead with his help and guidance.

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Women Raped by Angry Protesters on NH1

Reservations have always been touchy matter in our country. A concept started with the aim of uplifting the weaker section, it was supposed to be scratched off after a certain time period, once the purpose had been solved. We gave them a ladder, and they mounted it, but they refused to come down.
The problem with the reservation system is that it keeps getting elongated, and new sections of the society are seeking reservations. Now it’s reached a point where there are more seats to be attained through reservations than there are through merit and capabilities. Protests for such reservations have become as common as bare trees in the Autumn.
The last few weeks have seen one such protests turn disastrous. In tge last nine days since it turned violent, a total of 19 lives have been claimed with the latest turn being inter-caste violence as 4 non-jats have also been targeted. Shops have been burnt, aling with vehicles on the roads. With the military having been called in, the situation has taken a turn for the worse.
Amongst all this mess early today came a news which left us paralyzed with shock and disbelief.
It is fact known to any Indian resident, and now to many outside of India too, thaf the women in out country have never been and still aren’t safe. They are the firat to be targeted and longest to suffer because of their silent submissive nature, a trait that is fed into women from the time of their birth. This incident is one such case where women have once again been violated and forced to suffer for no wrong of their own.
Several eyewitnesses to the incident have told the Tribune of how vehicles were set on fire and then women from these vehicles were dragged into the fields and raped on the NH1 near Murthal on Monday morning. The women lay there crying for hours when finally some of the nearby residents heard them and tried to help them. The police has been shielding the victims and denying it’s occurrence. The district authorities told the families of the victims to not report the crime “for the sake of their own honor”. This was done by a mob of 30 men who after brutally raping the women, abandoned them in the fields.
Amazing, isn’t it? How women are now used not just as an object for sexual pleasure but also for letting out the sick animalistic anger of weaker men. Beautiful, isn’t it? How the one way men show their supremacy i by torturing the innocent and ruining lives.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, life is fantastic in our nation, as we develop. After all, this is what development is development is to desecrate and pillage, vehicles shops and humans when you don’t get reservation. Development is when you destroy a woman and leave her scarred for life because your frustration and anger needs to directed at someone.
Development indeed.
This incident has simply brought out news andknowledge that we have known for years. We have in us the both the energy and potential to be the driving for any and all positive change. All that we as. Youth need to do is to use the respurces available. We have all we need, it is just motivation and action that we lack in.

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Each One, Feed One

With respect to the current global scenario, one of the most plaguing problems clenching many parts of the world has been hunger and mal-nourishment. India is no exception to the same. It’s common knowledge that hunger arises out of poverty, and in India, a considerable portion of the population that lives below the poverty line hardly gets one square meal a day. Even though numerous efforts have been instituted by many governmental schemes and bodies, the efforts of the non-profit organisations such as I Am Still Human have only furthered the cause and helped to achieve the goal of driving away hunger. A team of four people, namely, Rohit Bisht, Akhand Pratap Singh, Akshay Mehra and Reena Rawat have started a campaign called “each one, feed one” which has started its operation in Uttrakhand to feed the ones in need. We laud them for their efforts towards working for a noble cause and hope their endeavours bear the fruits they seek.

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Park Street Rape Survivor

May be it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story.

Rape is very clearly defined in the Indian Penal Code. It defines the act of Rape, and the punishment that follows. What it doesn’t define is the emotional, physical, and mental destruction of the survivor. It defines the punishment for the offender, but it does not define the punishment that the survivor undergoes everyday after the scarring event. The Indian law also offers the cloak of anonymity to the unfortunate victim, which is usually accepted by the victims. But there was one woman, who shed the cloak of shame, and made herself synonymous with hope for the countless who suffer silently. This article is about Suzette Jordan, often referred to as Park Street Rape Victim, a connotation she hated being associated with. Suzette Jordan was as unconventional as they come. Hailing from an Anglo-Indian family, where most of her family members were teachers, she refused to study after high school and got married instead. Her marriage unfortunately bit the dust, and she wound up taking care of her two daughters as a single mother. She wasn’t supported by her family, but she was indifferent to that. She was always fun loving and refused to lose touch with her exuberant side. On that fateful night, she went to a five star restaurant in Park Street to meet up with her friend, who was unusually late that night. So she decided to leave, and got lift from a man. She later said that it was the biggest mistake she ever committed, as she was gang raped on gun point by the men in the car. After living in anonymity for over an year, she decided to come out in public with her ordeal, to speak against the Rape of a college student. She has been instrumental in garnering awareness for her cause by organising rallies, attended talk shows, and took on the mantle of a counsellor for many victims of sexual and physical assault. She became more than just the park Street victim, she became the park Street survivor. She succumbed to encephalitis on 13th March 2015, after becoming the face and voice of rape victims everywhere. I must correct myself here, Rape Survivors, and not victims.

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Reservation categorically means the action of reserving something.

Due to the innumerable castes and communities in India and the social status that has been separating the so-called ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ castes since time immemorial, the makers of our constitution saw it fit to have reservations or ‘positive discrimination’ for a certain number of communities. This reservation was for 3 categories namely: Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. Certain boxes had to be ticked for a caste, community or tribe to fit into this reservation quota. Incidentally, the makers of our constitution also decided that this reservation policy would hold ground only for a few years before being quashed. Sadly, that was not to be. Things like vote bank politics and ‘Vote Your Caste’ made sure that the reservation policy would never be completely caput. While this has resulted in the upliftment of the backward and so called ‘lower’ classes of the Indian society, there are certain communities that want the reservation quota to be completely sacked and there are others still who want their community to be included in the quota.

So basically, in a world where people are striving and working donkeys’ hours every single day to be forward and ahead in the mad race that the world is, people in India are protesting and protesting violently at that to be backward.

Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen of the world, your largest democracy. The Republic of India. The land of a thousand cultures, the Ganges, The Royal Bengal Tiger and so much more. The country where the number of the working population or the youth is the highest in the world, THIS IS HOW WE EMBRACE DEVELOPMENT.

Many congratulations, young India, many congratulations. You’re making so many people turn in their graves and look at you with disgust. Why, you ask? Is this what the makers of our constitution wanted us to do? To fight among ourselves as if we already didn’t have enough problems? Is this the way you thank the countless freedom fighters who, irrespective of caste or creed, religion or race, held each others’ hands and fought for the independence you’re allowed to portray your nonsense today in? Why do you want this reservation? Let me rephrase that. Why do you want your reservation by protesting so violently? Are your actions of burning down schools, houses, malls, shops, public and private transport going to make things any better? Is this what Dr. Kalam’s vision of a developed India consisted of? Freedom of speech, you say? Well, might I take this moment to shed some light on the soldiers and officers of the Indian Army who are giving up their lives in counter-insurgency and terrorism operations to make sure you have the freedom of speech intact tomorrow?

So far, the agitation in Haryana has claimed 12 lives, buildings and vehicles have been burnt down to ash, families have been brought to the road and the Army has been called in. The latest news is that the Central and State Governments have given in to the demands of the community and are expected to meet them soon. Jat community leaders have been assured that reservation will be granted to them along the lines of being an Other Backward Class. A high level committee has been formed under Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu to see how to include the Jats as a part of the OBCs. Earlier the Supreme Court had rejected the inclusion of Jats into the Central Other Backward Classes list on ground that the National Commission of Backward Classes does not consider them socially and economically backward in Haryana, given the political majority they have and the socially powerful people that they are. Those attending the meeting with Home Minister Rajnath Singh included Haryana Minister Mr. Dhankar and BJP General Secretary Anil Jain, who is in-charge of the state. During the day, the protests had spread wider, with Jats blocking the Shimla highway near Panchkula and the Bahadurgarh road to Haryana from Delhi. Curfew was in place at several towns and districts including Rohtak, Bhiwani, Sonepat, Jhajjar, Hisar and Hansi. Later in the evening, blockades from Panipat, Jind, Kaithal, Bhiwani districts were partially lifted. The blockade of the National Highway 1, too, was lifted. Road and rail have been severely affected. Airfare, which is normally between 3 and 4K from Chandigarh and Delhi, shot up to between 16,000 and 27,000. More than 700 trains have been cancelled.

I can’t speak for the rest of the people out there, just that I despise where this is headed and this isn’t how I want India to be represented the world over. First rape, now this. We can’t even remotely hope to be one of the most developed nations in the world if we continue to fight amongst ourselves like this.

You want recognition? You want people to give you admission in various institutions? Work for it. Things like reservation are shortcuts. There is no substitute for hard work. With that, I rest my case.


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Being a girl always comes with a feeling of being trapped. We can’t go out without feeling like it’s a privilege bestowed upon us, that this may be the greatest thing our family members or anyone has ever let us do.
I remember an incident in where one of my family members who was always very concerned about me coming home by latest 8’o clock informing me that his son, who was younger than me, was had gone out with his friends and was to return late in the most casual tone possible, as if what he was doing was perfectly normal behaviour but if I was to stay out even a little late, I am a ‘girl who is getting out of hand’.
As I have grown up I have hated this kind of discrimination. I am very well aware of the fact that this if just for my safety and nothing more but we ourselves have created such a society where my family members have to think a lot before sending me out.
The society tries to put cages around as much as possible, trapping us as if it’s a sin to be girl. I say let us out, let us fill the streets. Let us accept this plain and simple truth, the society will be a safer place if it’s us girls out there rather than the men dominating the city at nights. What I am asking for is not revenge but plain simple equality where even we, women of the new era are exposed to the night and beauty of the city lights. Oh, how we crave it!
All I want to say is – society, you may trap us but, darling, we will break free, for we were born to be free.

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Epitome of Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the acquired ability to move beyond fear.

Courage comes from within. Makes us size up our adversaries, do the unthinkable, and achieve the impossible. It takes courage to stand up for what’s right, and what we believe in. Courage isn’t performance of stunts, or a test of bravery. Courage is a test of integrity, and the possession of the humane ability to distinguish between the black and white and acting upon one’s instincts. Standing undaunted in the face of brute power, and emerging battered but resilient, is courage. Courage is embodied in Sunitha Krishnan. One doesn’t know how to begin writing about Mrs. Krishnan. She was doing social work before most of us could even spell it. She taught dance to mentally challenged children at the tender age of 8, started running schools for the underprivileged children residing in the slums at the age of 12. The event that further solidified her resolution to work for the masses was a horrifying experience for any individual to go through. At age 15,while campaigning for neo literacy for the Dalit community, Krishnan was gang raped by 8 men. An event that usually breaks most women, only strengthened Krishnan’s fortitude. Since then she has been a part of major social campaigns such as the one against the organisation of Miss India contest in her city Bangalore, against the bulldozing of people’s homes in order for beautification, and the like. She finally started ‘Prajwala’, is her initiative to rehabilitate former prostitutes and help them lead better lives. She has drafted recommendations for the Andhra Pradesh government for the rehabilitation of victims of sex traffickers, which were passed by the State Government as a Policy for Rescue and Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. Based on the success of her anti-trafficking initiatives, Krishnan has evolved global parameters for best practices for shelter homes for Department of Justice, United States of America as well as National Minimum Standard for running second generation prevention program in India. Krishnan has been physically assaulted 14 times and she receives regular death threats. She says that a Sumo van once deliberately rammed her auto rickshaw, but she escaped serious injury. She was again fortunate to escape injury when acid was once flung at her. Good fortune saved her a third time when she was the target of a poisoning attempt. Krishnan says that these assaults have only steeled her resolve to carry on her crusade against human trafficking. Based on her courageous and tireless work as an anti-trafficking crusader, Prajwala’s founder Ms. Sunitha Krishnan has also received numerous accolades and honors, among which is the Padma Sri, the fourth highest civil honour in the country. No words of appraisal can fully convey our appreciation and wonderment at her work.

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