Manan Vohra

Born on 18 July 1993 in Chandigarh, Manan Vohra has played for the Under 19 Cricket Team and is now a proud player and the opening batsman of the Kings XI Punjab team of the Indian Premier League. A person who woos you off your feet with his humility, passion and genuineness, we are proud to have Mr. Manan Vohra as an Associate Member of I Am Still Human.

Jaskaran Sohi

Having a reputation of scoring sixes after sixes, Jaskaran Sohi is a part of the Ranjhi Trophy T20 team. A very strong, yet a humble personality we are proud to have such a human being as an Associate Member of I Am Still Human. Being labelled as the next Yuvraj Singh of the country he is an impeccable cricketer and we are glad to have him aboard.

Naaz Arora

I am still human has become a stage where every talent meets, from social servers to imaginators. Here we have with us ‘Naaz Arora a lifestyle, logger from the city beautiful with a golden hart. People like her always add glories to the journey and make the roads towards our aim beautiful. We are so proud to have every stream of young talent supporting us. As her name symbolizes NAAZ means proud, and so are we to have her with us, to be this much successful in this age is commendable. Young brains breed new ideas in them, we are so lucky to have someone who can help us to understand a different sphere of human life. As a blogger knows , which colour fills the picture the best?

Harshita Chaarag

Harshita is pursuing her studies in law. She was the former content head of the organization. When it comes to work she sees no compromise with the quality. And that is how a writer is supposed to be. She worked diligently in every field of the organization, her views and ideas are magnificent. Her decision making quality and the patience to handle tough situations is really commendable. And when it comes to pen and paper she makes sure that every word wrote ell and every syllable pronounced perfectly. Her works will always be remembered, and the environment she created will never be redone again.

Manjinder Singh

A young and very fervent member, with innovative ideas. Whatever is the demand of today’s society, he fully abides by them. A youngster who has a talent and passion o to serve the society. Respect towards everyone is his main attribute. The feeling to serve the society which he has inherited in him is rarely seen anywhere. Any organization will be in high spirits to have such talented people around it.

Mansimer Singh

A web developer by profession is such an enthusiastic person with a colorful personality.An entrepreneur by profession but finds his duty towards the society, and discharges it really well. He is thoroughly supportive in the activities of the organization. What distinguishes him from other people is his urge to serve the society, with our every action and plans he participates very well and helps in the smooth functioning of the works.

Sukhdeep Singh

Here comes the other man of technology, a B. tech guy, who works effortlessly in this field is an important member of the organization. An entrepreneur by profession but finds his duty towards the society, and discharges it really well. What no one can do a techy can, that’s how he is. It’s not about what field you belong or what service you do, but when you feel the responsibility towards the society you become the man of success and respect at once.