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Being a girl always comes with a feeling of being trapped. We can’t go out without feeling like it’s a privilege bestowed upon us, that this may be the greatest thing our family members or anyone has ever let us do.
I remember an incident in where one of my family members who was always very concerned about me coming home by latest 8’o clock informing me that his son, who was younger than me, was had gone out with his friends and was to return late in the most casual tone possible, as if what he was doing was perfectly normal behaviour but if I was to stay out even a little late, I am a ‘girl who is getting out of hand’.
As I have grown up I have hated this kind of discrimination. I am very well aware of the fact that this if just for my safety and nothing more but we ourselves have created such a society where my family members have to think a lot before sending me out.
The society tries to put cages around as much as possible, trapping us as if it’s a sin to be girl. I say let us out, let us fill the streets. Let us accept this plain and simple truth, the society will be a safer place if it’s us girls out there rather than the men dominating the city at nights. What I am asking for is not revenge but plain simple equality where even we, women of the new era are exposed to the night and beauty of the city lights. Oh, how we crave it!
All I want to say is – society, you may trap us but, darling, we will break free, for we were born to be free.

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