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  • Let’s unite for india

    The strength of a country is defined, by its borders, the only Basis due to which we sleep peacefully in our homes, can move easily From one place to another its only possible because of the immense support provided by the armed forces of our country. The best way to find yourself, is to lose oneself in the services of others. And when it comes about security, patriotism and love for nation, we can talk about nothing else but our Indian army. I am still human is an organisation which devotes its time and service in bringing the change in the minds of our youth. Empowering them, and making them realise their undiscovered capabilties by which they can recreate themselves and bring a change in this sphere of life. I am still human targets those vulnerable minds which are still to bear fruit."Let's unite" was a campaign launched by us which aimed at collecting letters from various educational and non educational institutions of india. These letters were given directly to the soldiers of the Indian army with proper handover-ceremony. A total of one lakh letters were written by the common masses, and were delivered to various army bases across the country which includes Amar jawan jyoti in New Delhi . "Let's unite" for india also included a blood donation camp in which people came over in masses to donate blood which is an essentiality for the armed forces. A 100 unit blood was donated at the site and people were very delighted to be a part of this contribution. We are also planning for organ donation camps in future. One organisation , two phase campaign,and effect uncountable, heart touch millions.... thats what we are, and thats what we do.
    Rs.110.00 donated of Rs.1,000.00 goal
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