Shaurya – Ye Diwali Veer Pariwaro Ke Sath

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr.”

The sweetness of laddoos, the scent of incense, the merriment in the air;
This Diwali I Am Still Human with GBP and BIG FM has initiated a campaign, Shaurya: Ye Diwali Veer Pariwars ke Saath
Let’s show some love and gratitude by coming together and honouring the families our valiant martyrs!

Some ways in which you can commemorate in true sense this festival of light;
– Drop by with your blessings (gifts and video messages) big or small at any GBP office of tricity by 23rd October and we will make sure your blessings reach their destination.

1. GBP Group, SCO 196-197, Sector 34A, Chandigarh.
2. GBP Centrum, Ambala Chandigarh Expy, Zirakpur.
3. GBP Athens, PR – 7, Near Mc Donalds, Zirakpur.
(Or call us at +91-99140-43336)

– Join us for a rally for commemorating our brave martyrs from GBP Centrum on 25th October at 8 am

– We also welcomed you to join Team SHAURYA at Jabalpur Cantt on Sunday, October 27, 9 am to help us pour happiness into the lives of the Families of our beloved martyrs.

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Rakhi Making Competition

Taking forward the Celebration of Independence day, I Am Still Human under it’s initiative Project Sidhi organised a Rakhi Making Competition and Lunch at an Orphanage this 15th August 2018.
The team also played cricket along with these angels and had a lot of fun.
Join our team and make a difference.

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Shaurya – Celebrating Our Heroes

Here are few more glimpses of our Pre-Independence Day Celebration with our Parapalagic Soldiers of Indian Army.
Lt. Gen. K.J Singh (Retd), PVSM, AVSM**, Ambassador, Shaurya Campaign, I Am Still Human, also attended the event and spent some time with the PRC Soldiers.
The event was full of amazing poetry by poets like Imtiaz Ali.
The event was also blessed by Mr. J.D Ghai’s presence who is also the founder of
The event was beautifully captured by Pixel Team.


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UMEED- A Ray Of Hope

The vibes in IMA complex was enough to make anyone feel, that there is something extraordinary going on in the morning of 25th. ‘I am still human’ an NGO which aims to bridge the gap between the army and the common people, organized an event ‘Umeed’. The event was a fundraising program. All the money generated through the event was directly transferred to the Indian Army Battle Casualty Account. There were two guest speakers for the event. First one was the man who captured the Siachen, the highest battle field in India. The man is none other than, Lt. Gen. P. N Hoon (Retd) PVSM ASM SM. He is the senior advisor to the defense and security to the government of India. The second speaker of the event was Mrs. Lily Bawa who is a Virangana Shree awardee and the w/o martyr Lt. Col. Inder Bawa who sacrificed his life in the Indo-Sri Lanka peace keeping war, and was awarded Mahavir Chakra posthumously. Both are the senior exalted members of our organization.
The event started by screening our journey, two days back on 23rd ‘I am still human’ completed its two years anniversary. The journey was started by a simple man, or we can say a boy of 20 years who has a soul full of passion, mind with an idea, and a determined heart to bring a change in the country, the founder, Vivek Mehra. Success is not defined by the age, it is the maturity that your ideas hold and the bitter experiences that your life gives without giving you enough time. The video journey showed it all. The campaigns the drives and the love of our organization towards the society. From collecting one lakh letters, going orphanages, spending time in old age homes to organizing blood donation camps, the journey was like a breeze passed through an open window of time.

The event was officially inaugurated by the opening speech of Lt. Gen. K. J. Singh PVSM AVSM SM; his kind words were entitled towards the service of our nation, and the applause to the organization for its efforts. Now, it was the time for the climax of the show, it was the time when the legendary figure was to be introduced to our audience, Lt. Gen. P.N Hoon. A mesmerising video of him was played showing the eternal journey of his life, his childhood, Indian army, marriage ,retirement and his relations with ‘I am still human’. The video ended with national anthem, everyone present in the hall was stunned, and the inexorable claps said it all. Then a live question-answer session took place, and as always the charming personality of Hoon Sir eloped the environment and everyone was thoroughly drawn in. The same took place with Mrs. Lily Bawa, her introductory video showed how a mother abides her duty towards her children, and after losing her husband in the war she kept her heart strong and sends her son to the Indian Army, it is truly said that mother and motherland are above heaven, but when someone who has both motherhood and nationality, then a change has to come. There were other guest too, who graced the event and gave the organization a helping hand and a promise to be with us in future. Both the speakers were given the mementos from ‘I am still human’ as the honour of their presence and as a commemoration of this day.

Bringing into the scenario the musical twist we had the ‘New Age’ band, which performed so well and lifted the frame of mind of the audience.

The event went on, and our founder Vivek Mehra came over to represent the cause, and spoke about his journey of life. The program ended, the whole organizing committee was on stage and the donation of rupees 61,000 was announced to be donated into the Indian army battle casualty account. The audience was dispersed with certificates and refreshment, but above all with such an experience which everyone will cherish lifetime. The efforts of months, the sleepless nights the overtime working, from printing to writing and from thinking to application, our hard work bear fruit.

There is one thing which everyone of us should understand, we shall never be afraid of doing hard work, never step back because of failure, keep working hard, when god will not be able to hold your debt, then the paying off will be every job done, and every dream realized.

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Steps towards progress.

This write up was written by Annie sharma.

Why make any extra efforts when there are hundreds of people who could do the same? Why vouch for someone who desperately needs our voice? Why invite load for ourselves, and that too unnecessarily, especially when one can choose to confine themselves in their own world, happy and satisfied in our existence?

If only man could be a little more sensitive, we as a society would have been successful in making the world a tad bit happier. There exists a dearth of love, and care for the fellow beings, and has been killing man and his inner happiness ever since, for the longest time. When it comes to taking stand for other people, the general tendency is to withdraw into our own bubble with our families and settle down in a cocoon of safety and comfort. The expectation is that somebody else will do it, after all, what good can possibly come to you and your family, from putting yourself out there.

And with this very concern in mind, I Am Still Human in collaboration with the Alankrit Theatre group and students of Mount Carmel School, sec-47

Presented a nukkad natak in sector -17 on the 3rd of July. The play was based on the ever increasing empathy and social realities slightly different from the format of other plays.  The play was directed by Mr. Sarvagya Pahuja and written by Prateek Mehra. It was a combined effort to promote awareness regarding the noticeable evils that everybody sees yet ignores. How turning a blind eye has become a somewhat of a trend.

I Am Still Human, a Non-Governmental Organization, aims to bring a positive change with the helpIMG-20160703-WA0013 of the youth and in the process of doing so, change their lives for the best and help them be the best they are capable of being.


The nukkad natak was enjoyed by all present there. The number of people invited and the many people who came by only listening to the calls and performance of this nukkad natak reached atleast 500. Not only were the efforts appreciated, but many people even stepped forward to join us in our cause. The act was unique in its own way and showcased a new issue. The excitement level amongst the people could be seen through their response. It motivated the crowd and the people themselves came up to share their views on the issue. Everybody was stunned to see the passion and determination, to bring about a change, in the eyes of the artist. We at I Am Still Human believe that our task isn’t complete until and unless we are able to make a difference in the thinking of people and modulate it for the best. The same could clearly be achieved through the effort of the young artists and a humble initiative of the I Am Still Human team.



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An experience.

Water is one of the most basic of all needs and we cannot live for more than a few days without it. And yet, most people take water for granted. We waste water needlessly and don’t realize that clean water is a very limited resource. More than 1 billion people around the world have no access to safe, clean drinking water, and over 2 million people die each year because of unsafe water – and most of them are unfortunately children !
I AM STILL HUMAN started a campaign “Water For All” and i was more than glad to have the opportunity to serve the poor and the needy and thus i am ecstatic to pen down and share my experience with all.
It was around 5 in the evening, some of my friends and i got a few bottles ready with chilled water and left. We left with a aim to serve as many as we could and reached a construction site with labourers working hard under the heat of sun. With fear in our minds as to what their reaction would be we took our first step and served a old man busy with some cement work and suddenly all eyes turned towards us and we called as many as we could to the spot. Initially people were scared and apprehensive about taking water because they thought there might be something mixed in it and i had to drink it myself and show to make them believe. We went person to person to serve water and they were extremely happy to know that we were working without any condition for their happiness and we also got a wonderful chance to converse with few people.
It was the most satisfying pleasure of my life till date, seeing their happiness and bright wide smiles and this is when i realized how important small things are for people and how small efforts of ours can make up someone else’s day. Everything we do, even the slightest things, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side.

This was submitted to us by our intern, Mannat Mehta.

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The New Face Of I Am Still Human.

I am still human is an organization that aims at filling the youth with positive energy  and drive  out the negative energies from within and around them. We believe in the good within the youth and work towards creating a positive environment   around  them while treating and being a part in their lives as nothing less than friends.
Our new logo has been made with the utmost precision by the Yellow Cursor with the same thoughts in mind. The new logo bares colors of happiness of joy with each colour symbolizing some aspect of our vision or approach.
Orange representing the positive energy we want to spread out, our optimism and our ability to treat and be treated as nothing less than friends.
Yellow representing the knowledge we want to spread, innovation that we want to use in our tasks and the illumination we hope to carry with ourselves.
Green here represents our desire for constant growth, the harmony we hope to provide within our society and the freshness we dream of bringing into our ideas and efforts.
Blue represents the calmness like the sea with its strong base but effortless power.
The new logo emphasizes on the characteristic of humanity that we want to enrich within the society with a human figure a the core, carved out of I. The letters of IASH can also be found in the negative spaces.
The new logo aims at inspiring the humanity within all of us and involve you in our work towards helping the youth of our society.
We would like to thank the Yellow Cursor for designing this logo  and helping us move forward in our endeavors. y

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On 30th april 2016, I Am Still Human conducted Vichaar 1.0. it was a platform for college students all over the Tricity, to discuss upon issues and problems they may face in their daily lives. With the event taking place in the amphitheatre in city park, sector 68, Mohali, it attracted a lot of crowd from the nearby areas and colleges due to being the very first discussion mainly over the youth . The amphitheatre was full and lively with over 200 people in attendance.

The event Vichaar, is one of the organizations latest endeavours to create constructive discussion amongst the youth of the society. It was a discussion between panellists from the Punjab University Student Union , panel consisting of Mr Nijog Singh ( acting president), Mr Tejinder Singh ( media consultant) , Mr Kamal Brar and Mr Navkarn Sandhu ( upcoming acitivists), a Moderating panel consisting of of Bobbee Singh , a state awardee in social service, Mrs Vandana, principal at The Tribune school, Mr Gulshan Sharda, General Manager at Hindustan times and Mr Rajesh Gupta, an advocate in criminal law and the audience. They believe that creating discussion is the very first step to bringing a change in our society. The idea is that when people discuss something, they become aware of the various aspects of it and this opens their eyes to new interpretations and solutions to the very same things. Keeping in mind the target audience of the organisation the theme for Vichaar was chosen as ‘Issues in Student Life’.
The audience was given a free reign for asking any questions that they had pertaining to the theme. The discussion saw several important issues raised such as possession of arms in colleges, eve-teasing, substance abuse etc. The audience was full of enthusiastic and inquisitive members of the society who revelled in the questioning round. The questions seemed to raining down on PUSU from all sides but they held their own and answered all of them with extreme precision. The moderating panel did not back down either and their questions were received with utter caution as they brought about issues that the discussion should have been moving towards, for example, Bobbee Singh brought up the question of safety of women in colleges and also outside itc

The event started and ended on a high note with the audience humming along to Sahil Sharma . He took the audience by storm with his music, with all the aggression dissolving as his songs carried on. It seemed the perfect end to a wonderful day.

We would like to thank our sponsors without whom these event wouldn’t have been possible. Our sponsor for the event were  91healthcap- the complete helpline for health line , Hindustan times- delivering the right news at the right time , the Sach Foundation-providing education to the needy, Campus TV, PU pulse, PU mirror, Punjab University Radio,  Punjabi Live Tv, La pinoz ,Foodmasters  , homemade food Dhabha , Maati the boutique and Yellow Cursor.

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Visit to the Old Age Home

On 7th march 2015, I am still human made a lot of people’s day brighter by visiting an old age home in chandigarh. The people there was overjoyed with the new company and had smiles spread acroos their faces as they told us their stories, experiences and gave us just friendly advices. They with their big hearts, welcomed us and made us feel loved even though we had gone to do the exact opposite. What we all felt was a warmth that usually occurs from a good conversation, some excitement and heart touching moments. By the time we left , we felt a glow inside of us and hopefully also let the old age home after spreading a little happiness and warmth into the hearts of the people there.

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Bike Riders Travel to Ladakh

On 30thjune 2015, we had two rider make their way to ladakh on their bikes. The purpose of this trip was to spread awareness about women empowerment and education in these areas which have somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. We wanted the development that the rest of India is enjoying , to also make it way to these areas. The main purpose for creating awareness about women empowerment and education was to make sure that women realised their potential and did not take injustice from anyone anymore. We tried our best to create awareness and the trip would be all worth it, even if we have made a difference in only one life.

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