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Dont cha shame my body.

When I was in 2nd class, I started transforming from this too thin kid to a slightly chubby child and from there it was a downward spiral to being fat. So my puberty years were a constant battle between eating what I love and trying to lose weight. My constant love for food would come up as a winner every time resulting in me living my life still covered in my fat.

I remember the days when I used to stand in front of the mirror, staring at every aspect of my body and slowly pointing out the flaws. I could do this for hours and then to feel better I would probably eat. There were days when this would just motivate me to put on my shoes and exercise but those days were rare like really rare.

I speak of the days as if they are in the past while the truth is, I still look at myself in the mirror and make a wish for being maybe a little bit more thinner. These wishes usually die along with my self-esteem. This article was supposed to be about hoimagesw body shaming is wrong and everyone can get over it but let’s face the truth, body shaming is a real issue and once it makes its way into your head, once you start calling yourself ugly because you hate your body, getting out of it becomes the hardest thing to do.

Sometimes when I’m running, I can hear all the words I have been called by, so I run even more, till the time I’m nothing but wreck of my own breathe.

How weird it is that my body which has been with my throughout is something I have learned to hate just because it’s not the way I wanted it to be. Well maybe nothing is, maybe some very thin girl is looking at my body and thinking about how she wishes she was a little chubbier, maybe a slight chubby girl is trying hard to look like that skinny girl.

We need to stop this. We need to stop looking down at our bodies and feeling like god has made up a disaster. It’s not easy but we need to do it.. I need to accept my fat and you need to accept your body. You also need to close your ears to all those comments and insults which tell you that your body is anything less than perfect.

Because trust me, you are beautiful the way you are.download (2)

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Tips and Tricks for Basic Self Defence

From all the life lessons I have ever heard, the most common is “Expect the unexpected”. And it doesn’t really make sense most times. It has always sounded like something of a paradoxical statement, I mean, how do you expect something, if it is going to be unexpected? But it took a few experiences for me to understand the true meaning behind this phrase, experiences that I never saw coming, the same experience that taught me, that this phrase was simply telling me to prepared for anything in life.

One such thing to be prepared for is to protect yourself from harm, mental and physical. In this run down society, it’s each one for itself, and you need to know how to protect yourself. And protecting yourself physically is an equally important. You need to be prepared to defend yourself when you’re walking down an empty or shady street and you’re all by yourself, because these streets are filled with all sorts of dangers. And these dangers will be a part of every city, every state, every country. Even the most sophisticated and developed countries have muggers, thieves and other predators targeting the weak.

Being attacked by a stranger Is neither the most uncommon nor the most unimaginable scenario in our current lives. Yes, it’s scary that we live in such a world, but it is true. And being scared won’t help you, being prepared and being able to defend yourself will help you.

Here are a few things to help you protect yourself in such a situation.

  1. Be loud and create a disturbance, so that you can attract someone to help you. Being loud doesn’t mean just making a lot of noise, it means making coherent exclamations, for e.g. saying “Back off”, or “Get away from me”. These statements let the others know this isn’t just a brawl between two people.
  2. Aim for those parts of the body that are easy to target and can harm relatively easily. Go for the eyes, neck, knees, nose, etc. The groin is the best part to go for if your attacker is a male.
  3. To attack, use your own body parts carefully. Use your elbows, head and knees.
  4. If you have a set of keys, you can hold it between your middle and ring fingers and use it as a defence mechanism. Other things that you can use include a deo or perfume spray; target the yes when you use this.
  5. If you’re in an elevator with someone who seems suspicious, press all buttons for all floors. If the elevator stops on every floor, there are lesser chances of someone attacking you.
  6. If you’re attacked in your house, say by a burglar, rush to the kitchen. You’re the only person who’ll know where all the dangerous weapons such as knives are, and it’s good to use that knowledge to benefit yourself.
  7. Keeping the hair tied, for girls is a good technique, because the attacker may catch you by your hair.
  8. Consider joining a basic self defence class

These are just a few things you can try. Trust me when I say this, being able to protect yourself is something you will never regret.

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One for the Environment

The planet Earth has had a long life, 4.5 billion years to be exact. And life on Earth originated around 3.8 billion years ago, at which point it was single celled organisms such as bacteria. Multi cellular life evolved a billion years later and the life forms that we are now familiar with, have only come to exist over the last 570 million years. Mammals, a life form that we as humans form a part of came into existence 200 million years ago. As for us specifically, the Homo sapiens, came around 200,000 years ago. So if you were to do the math, humans have only been on Earth for a tiny 0.004% of its history.

So what’s the point of discussing this? After all, we are here and we will continue to be here, right?

No. In fact, if we continue in our current form, life won’t stay the way it is right now for much longer. The fact is that in our existence of a mere 0.004% of the whole time, we have managed to bring Earth to an all time low. Starting from climate change, to depleted natural resources and all the way to over population and large scale deforestation, humans are destroying earth, on an hourly basis.

Yes, practically everything we do is capable of making matters worse for the planet. However, carefully calculated measures can reduce the impact significantly. The year 2016 saw temperatures going higher than ever recorded.

Now for a look at India. The Biennial Update Report from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the energy sector in India which consists of manufacturing, electricity and transportation amongst other things, comprises of 71 percent of the Green House Gas emissions.

The climate change has already manifested itself in the form of delayed and lower rainfalls in various parts of the country. The food production is at a low and not anywhere close to being enough to feed the overly hungry of our over populated country.

My point is, that it is time that we stopped taking the environment for granted and started taking measures to improve conditions. And these are measures that need to be taken by individuals and government alike. The problem is that the ordinary people expect government to work on this and the government expects the people to do things on a personal level. This however, will not work. What is needed is a joint effort wherein both people and the government work together; Government designing plans and schemes, ones that work, and people working on these plans and schemes for real, rather than just claiming to, while doing nothing so much for real.

So this World Environment Day, let’s try and make a difference to the world.

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The Growing Problem Of Substance Abuse

The world we live in today is a world where everything is readily available. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, countries are becoming more and more developed, standards of living are continuously rising, and most importantly, people are becoming more and more open minded and becoming more tolerant than ever before. In such a fast-paced, developed, ever changing society, the prevalence of substance abuse hardly comes as a surprise. Substance abuse is something that nobody, young or old, is a stranger to. Substance or drug abuse, as it is popularly known, is a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others, and is a form of substance related disorders.

From a time, some 30 years ago, when Hollywood and Bollywood actors used to hold a cigarette in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other, drinking and smoking seemed to appear as a very “cool” thing for people. If one would drink or smoke, they would automatically be counted among the cool people. Who would have thought that half a century down the line, this would be a major problem in a society and be the hindrance towards a stronger and more developed nation tomorrow?substance-abuse

The open mindedness and easy access to substance and alcohol has given rise to a class of youth which are extremely smart but extremely lethargic. Over the last 10 odd years, the number of smokers and drinkers in India has risen by a fairly great margin. Statistically speaking, India has the 2nd largest number of women smokers, next only to the United States of America. Today, a lot of the youth of our country are also heavy consumers of recreational drugs such as marijuana and other hard core drugs like cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy, acid, LSD, etc. The list is endless. While these drugs maybe fun to get high on and while they may help the person in shying away from their problems and responsibilities, one cannot deny or ignore the fact that these drugs cause a great deal of physical, emotional, mental and psychological problems in the long run.

I am not advocating the ban of these drugs. I am not saying that one should completely be aware of their priorities. If we don’t have fun now, then when do we? When do we live life carelessly? All I’m saying is that while it is a great idea to party and smoke up, drink and party on the high LSD and acid give you, it is an equally good idea to know your responsibilities and to know where to draw the Lakshman Rekha and not step out of it.

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