Dont cha shame my body.

When I was in 2nd class, I started transforming from this too thin kid to a slightly chubby child and from there it was a downward spiral to being fat. So my puberty years were a constant battle between eating what I love and trying to lose weight. My constant love for food would come up as a winner every time resulting in me living my life still covered in my fat.

I remember the days when I used to stand in front of the mirror, staring at every aspect of my body and slowly pointing out the flaws. I could do this for hours and then to feel better I would probably eat. There were days when this would just motivate me to put on my shoes and exercise but those days were rare like really rare.

I speak of the days as if they are in the past while the truth is, I still look at myself in the mirror and make a wish for being maybe a little bit more thinner. These wishes usually die along with my self-esteem. This article was supposed to be about hoimagesw body shaming is wrong and everyone can get over it but let’s face the truth, body shaming is a real issue and once it makes its way into your head, once you start calling yourself ugly because you hate your body, getting out of it becomes the hardest thing to do.

Sometimes when I’m running, I can hear all the words I have been called by, so I run even more, till the time I’m nothing but wreck of my own breathe.

How weird it is that my body which has been with my throughout is something I have learned to hate just because it’s not the way I wanted it to be. Well maybe nothing is, maybe some very thin girl is looking at my body and thinking about how she wishes she was a little chubbier, maybe a slight chubby girl is trying hard to look like that skinny girl.

We need to stop this. We need to stop looking down at our bodies and feeling like god has made up a disaster. It’s not easy but we need to do it.. I need to accept my fat and you need to accept your body. You also need to close your ears to all those comments and insults which tell you that your body is anything less than perfect.

Because trust me, you are beautiful the way you (2)

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