About Us

This quote is not merely a wise statement, but what it is, is a vision. A vision with which in mind, came into being ‘I Am Still Human’. With the society bereft with NGOs working for the better of the poor and needy since ages, nobody could comprehend the importance of directing the youths in a direction which seems to be lacking in most of the cases. It is the youth which are the future of the world, and factually speaking, more so of the country with the youngest population. The more we increase the active participation and partnership with young people, the better we serve them, and the more comprehensively we work with them as service partners, the more we increase our public value to the entire community. When there lays a force so great that the future depends on it, the only one who can nurture it has to be its own self. The only one who has the power to bring out change amongst the people are we the youth as a part of the society.

I Am Still Human, an NGO which is made up of the youth, aims at empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which help the society as a whole. The scope of youth empowerment is ever expanding, and so is the NGO. With helping to make education possible for all the children, irrespective of background, it also works towards making the educated crop give back to the society and to progress with everyone as one. Through this NGO, the youth get a goal to work towards and a message to spread, which is in everybody’s best interest. Along with being one of the few youth oriented NGOs around, I Am Still Human also acts as a platform for the youth to join and gain exposure and knowledge, which is unmatched by any other body around.

We are our own superheroes, and we are our own villains. It is therefore upon such organizations like I Am Still Human to make sure that we make the right choice in choosing between the two and realize in its true sense, once together, we’re unstoppable.

Our Vision

Everybody knows that is the youth that forms the future of a society. With this in mind, I Am Still Human is an organization that works on the youth. WE are an organization that, similar to democracy, work for the youth, by the youth and are of the youth. Our objective is to help turn the youth into the part of the society which is responsible and capable of doing everything that they want and need. We envision a youth that is not just educated but also knowledgeable, not just intelligent but also smart; a sensible youth driven to be the best they can and a youth capable of giving back to the society and making it a better place.