Molesty to Modesty

Crimes against women have continued unabated in Haryana. According to a statement presented before the assembly, a total of 2,715 cases of various crimes against women were registered, which comes to about 67 cases per day of these cases 917 are cases of rape, molestation and sexual harassment.

These brutal rapists leave the Victims in the hollow chambers of society. Instead of showing hospitality towards them, they are looked upon as a black mark on society. Unfortunately, the victims live a life of guilty.

But humanity still finds its way out in the real world. One of such rape survivor is blessed with a person who challenged this taboo.

Per a story that appeared in “The Times Of India”. A 29-year-old farmer, Jitender Chhatar, from Jind district in Haryana, married a rape survivor in December, 2015. The family of girl had approached Jitender and his family with the marriage proposal. Jitender’s family agreed to their proposal even after knowing that she was raped and abused.

Jitender not only married her but also has joined her fight for justice. He has also enrolled her in a Law Course so that she knows that she’s getting proper justice. After becoming a lawyer he wants her to help other rape survivors. They have also started a platform called “Youth Against Rapes”.

Neeraj, a coaching class owner with four others which included a woman have repeatedly been blackmailing Jitender and his wife. Police managed to caught the woman red-handed who had come to Panipat to get an installment of extortion money. The case was then shifted to Jind and other accused were also arrested.

Neeraj, the main culprit have also offered Rs 70 Lakh for a compromise as the other  accused are arrested. Jitender and his wife have been repeatedly threatened. Neeraj has also filled two false case against  Jitender.

But Jitender is actively fighting for Justice. Jitender is now seeking the help of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Jitender has been setting an extraordinary example for the society to follow. Our society needs more man like him who can dare to fight off the taboo.

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