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Not just a walk in the park.

To find solace, I went to the nearby park. I had honestly visited this park a million times, never alone but I didn’t think going there alone would be a big deal until today. I finally found the peace, I had to come to look for. As I sat there, listening to songs and waving hi to the kids nearby, I saw a white car cross the park. It had loud songs playing and thus was hard to not notice but I didn’t pay much heed to it. My instincts came up on high alert when the car came around a second time and stopped near the park. I found that to be weird but I brushed it off as nothing. Nevertheless, I made my way out of the park and started walking back to my college. As I moved forward, I heard the same song that was playing in that car once again. My curiosity took over and I turned to see that the same car was now behind me along with another blue car. I breathed a sigh of relief when the cars crossed me and moved ahead but the both stopped a little while after. I continued walking and walked right past them and they moved on only to stop again at some distance. By this time my instincts were flaring so I decided to take a shorter route. I was happy to see the blue car driving away but the white car stayed on my trail for quite some time. As I came near the gate of the college, he stopped his car but I crossed it without showing him any sign of the fear that was rising inside of me. As soon as I crossed him, he started following me again. I quickly retracted to my college, finding relief in the fact that nobody could actually harm me in there.
As I walked to my hostel, I played the whole scene again and regretted going alone in the first place. That’s when I came to my senses and realised that going alone did not seem to be unsafe because it was 1 o clock in the afternoon and the park was situated well within a good residential area. But still I was followed. I still felt a fear inside of me, every time that guy stopped his car.
I will not stop going out or live in fear but what this experience specially made me realise that I might as well be just a girl in a world full of men. I talk about being strong and not letting men control the best of you but when I came face to face with such an experience all I thought was, I need to get out of here safely. All I felt was plain,simple fear in its rawest form.
So to the man that followed me, I would only like to say that I hope that you someday too feel like the way you made me feel and I’m much more than some girl you can bully, I am a women on her way to change society so nobody can make a girl feel the way you made me feel today.

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