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Over-rated concepts of beauty.

‘You’re beautiful’ a simple sentence made up of just two words can make a girl’s day. Maybe because all we crave is to be beautiful in the eyes of others, we crave it with a deep force and many of us have succumbed to the society’s idea of beauty because of it.
The society never tells young girls that they are beautiful the way they are, instead their flaws are pointed out, creating a sort of insecurity since childhood. As a child, my weight was always pointed out to me, I was told a gazillion times that I would be beautiful if I lost a little weight. But 3 years later I realised that I am beautiful no matter how much I weigh. It took me 3 years to get the notion of beauty dictated by society out of my head and concentrate on what I find beautiful. You can be dark, you can be fat , you can be short, you can be too tall, you can be all these things and still be beautiful. All you need to do is realise that you are beautiful, to fully accept who you are. You need to fall in love with yourself to actually see how beautiful you can be. Make up is not the answer though wear it if it makes you feel empowered. Wear whatever you want, if it makes you feel good. It’s your body and it is beautiful.
The society tries to make us girls believe that beauty on the outside, is all that matters. So we become gift boxes, beautiful on the outside but completely empty inside. I mean c’mon, even in fairy tales the prince fell in love with the ‘fairest’ lady of the land making us all believe that unless we are extremely pretty, we would end up alone. So we grew up, grooming ourselves on the outside and killing ourselves a little inside.But we weren’t really made to be Barbie dolls, we were made to rule this world with our intelligence and our aura and not our looks. Groom yourself inside, your inner beauty will find its way to your face.
Repeat after me, I am beautiful, I am beautiful and I will forever be.

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