Sex and it’s myths.

At the tender age of 12, a boy or even a girl’s mind doesn’t think much above sex. It’s mostly in the case of boys but let’s not be sexist here.aid421997-728px-Cope-With-Sex-Education-Step-2-Version-2

These boys, who at the peak of their curiosity seemed to be eager to talk and know everything even remotely related to sex. They try all means to find out as much as they can. So by the age of approximately 16, their heads are full of information about sex but this information may not always be right. Their particular facts come from everywhere from word of mouth to porn.

As most adolescents spend most of their puberty period watching porn, they start to have unrealistic expectations about sex.  So much so that most teenagers feel that women are extremely flexible and can almost turn in any direction. These unrealistic expectations usually lead to massive amounts of disappointment and dissatisfaction when they finally lose their virginity.

A lot of women when finally are at the platform where they are ready to lose their virginity, find themselves at the step of disappointment because most women do not orgasm when they have sex for the first time but most people are unaware of this.

What’s more is that porn is made up of a Utopian world where both men and women have the perfect bodies and everything they do feels like a million crackers bursting out in the sky, while in reality sometimes it’s just an awkward act because none of you or one of you can’t reach their ecstasy point.

Most of these things are learnt by teenagers because their knowledge comes from only hearsay and porn. One myth goes to huge lengths in putting corrupt knowledge in the minds of these not so innocent kids.

So sex is a lot of things most teenagers aren’t even aware of, that’s why we need sex education in India, we need them to know, we need them to expect the right things and not get disappointed when they are actually in that situation.

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