Sex: As a Taboo

What is sex? This question seems to be hitting the minds of adolescents way too soon and for a long time they roam around with doubts bubbling in their heads. Then like an angel from the heaven above, almost always, as friend comes in porn wipes away all their doubts by parting their wisdom.

This is what we have left our generation to do? To figure this out themselves?

Sex education is very important because at the time of puberty the hormones are in full gear. The sexual needs are starting to come up and most adolescents are unaware of how to  treat it. Most people at this age supress their sexual needs a lot because of embarrassment and the uncomfortable feeling this unfamiliarity follows. While some others, involve in sexual activities excessively. The risk of getting pregnant runs high in such people because they are very unaware of what they are doing and don’t understand the repercussions.

The need for making these adolescents understand the importance of practicing safe sex is very high. Thus sex education183056006 comes in handy but in India, most people believe that if they provide these teenagers with sex education, that would just encourage them further to involve in sexual activities.

The truth is that teenagers today are having sex. So the whole idea of not talking about it, not addressing it all or even mentioning anything related to it, is plain old stupid. The stigma over sex is so high that the word sex itself sends ripples of disapproval in the Indian society.   But sex is normal, it’s a natural process for the fulfilment of our needs. It’s not something that should be closed behind a door never to be addressed again. Although it should be done behind closed doors.

Our schools need to address this subject because the importance of sex education is at an all time high. So let’s get over this stupid stigma and accept sex as natural.

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