Sex: As Natural As Poop!


A word as simple as “Sex”, is refused to be said out loud by a lot of people because of the taboos attached to it. Sex seems like the Lord Voldemort of the Muggle world (Harry Potter Reference), where everyone knows that it exists but no one dares to speak about it, at least not in the open. Where Censor Board in our country tries to blur the scenes and ban the movies that show even the slightest potential to be screened for “adults”, on the other hand we also have people trying to do the “Kiss of Love”, First Youtube Video to show Indian people kissing the same sex, and other kind of social experiments to make others aware about Sexuality. It seems like a hypocrisy to the country that has given birth to things like Kamasutra, sculptures in Khajurao etc to not talk about sex and label it against the culture. It should rather be the other way round!


One needs to understand that fantasy is a natural part in any human life. Our goals, our passion, our dreams somewhere, somehow are a part of the fantasy world that we want to live in. This can even expand to our sexual needs. One might fantasize by watching porn movies, soft porn, movies that showcase nudity, by touching oneself, or even by looking at something. All of it falls under the umbrella of NORMAL Fantasies which come natural to human beings. One needs to draw line when it comes to glorification of sex or accessing activities that advertise rape or other unacceptable actions. Many Psychologists believe that if a person can watch porn, they have an unconscious desire or a potential to rape as well, whereas others believe that porn addresses merely to pleasure and nothing more than that! I guess it all comes down to an Individual. No one is a born rapist. One needs to develop self-control and understand that pleasures like Masturbation, touching oneself, and watching porn need to be one’s own business!

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Not talking about the hormonal and bodily changes to people close to oneself might lead to sexual tensions and curiosities that you yourself might not be able to find answers to. Keeping it to oneself will lead to nothing more than sexual tensions, weird thoughts and anxiety. One needs to share what one feels, what one thinks and what one experiences to someone close, be it family, friends or anyone close and trusted in general. Watching porn, Masturbation, Attraction, Love are all very natural feelings that have been coming to the human beings even before fire was discovered. There is no shame in accepting what you are! There is no shame in doing things that everyone refuses to talk about. Dialogue makes it a lot easier! When we were kids, we used to refer to pooping as “number 2”, it is the same phenomena! If we wouldn’t have talked about it at the right age we wouldn’t have been potty trained correctly. The interaction allowed us to refer to “number 2” as poop, openly. If we can overcome that shyness, then why not this! Sex is as natural as POOP!


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