Sex is a Myth


With the current situation of Sexual education in India, Sex does not seem less than a myth. Like Unicorn, Santa Claus, Global Warming (Sarcasm!), sex in our country looks like something that only happens in western countries. With the recent outrage against the censor board of India upon banning a movie because of certain foul language and “indecent” story line it is pretty clear that how open our society is about discussing issues it is uncomfortable with. This discomfort in no way takes away the right of youngsters to lessen their curiosity by asking questions, by exploring their sexuality or through visuals. Even the misconception that sex education only talks about sexual intercourse needs to be dealt with. The genders, genitals, hormonal changes, good-touche & bad-touch all collectively form a very intense curriculum for a holistic sex education.

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This week we cover Sex Education as a whole to help all the young ones find answers they might not be able to ask comfortably. Also to tell all the “Adults” that Sex isn’t a stigma, but Ignorance is.



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