Steps towards progress.

This write up was written by Annie sharma.

Why make any extra efforts when there are hundreds of people who could do the same? Why vouch for someone who desperately needs our voice? Why invite load for ourselves, and that too unnecessarily, especially when one can choose to confine themselves in their own world, happy and satisfied in our existence?

If only man could be a little more sensitive, we as a society would have been successful in making the world a tad bit happier. There exists a dearth of love, and care for the fellow beings, and has been killing man and his inner happiness ever since, for the longest time. When it comes to taking stand for other people, the general tendency is to withdraw into our own bubble with our families and settle down in a cocoon of safety and comfort. The expectation is that somebody else will do it, after all, what good can possibly come to you and your family, from putting yourself out there.

And with this very concern in mind, I Am Still Human in collaboration with the Alankrit Theatre group and students of Mount Carmel School, sec-47

Presented a nukkad natak in sector -17 on the 3rd of July. The play was based on the ever increasing empathy and social realities slightly different from the format of other plays.  The play was directed by Mr. Sarvagya Pahuja and written by Prateek Mehra. It was a combined effort to promote awareness regarding the noticeable evils that everybody sees yet ignores. How turning a blind eye has become a somewhat of a trend.

I Am Still Human, a Non-Governmental Organization, aims to bring a positive change with the helpIMG-20160703-WA0013 of the youth and in the process of doing so, change their lives for the best and help them be the best they are capable of being.


The nukkad natak was enjoyed by all present there. The number of people invited and the many people who came by only listening to the calls and performance of this nukkad natak reached atleast 500. Not only were the efforts appreciated, but many people even stepped forward to join us in our cause. The act was unique in its own way and showcased a new issue. The excitement level amongst the people could be seen through their response. It motivated the crowd and the people themselves came up to share their views on the issue. Everybody was stunned to see the passion and determination, to bring about a change, in the eyes of the artist. We at I Am Still Human believe that our task isn’t complete until and unless we are able to make a difference in the thinking of people and modulate it for the best. The same could clearly be achieved through the effort of the young artists and a humble initiative of the I Am Still Human team.



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