A ‘Tukra’ of Kindness

In a country where nothing seems to be going right and everything is turning up over its head, so few of us notice the little things. It is at times like this, when the issues of the world seem too heavy on our shoulders, that we must cling onto the happy moments. Let us not forget the small moments of kindness. Let us not let them get overshadowed. On January 12th 2016, Ravi Bajwa donated clothes to people in a slum. We at iamstillhuman applaud his efforts because he serves as a timely reminder for the things that really matter. They may be just clothes but they make all the difference in the world.

You only need to see the smiles to notice that.

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Child Sex Ratio Rises by 5% in Haryana

2015 seemed to be a good year for human rights and women empowerment because according to a report made by Haryana Chief Minister Lal Khattar on Thursday, child sex ratio in the state has increased by 5%. This is another 5% marked increase from the ratio of 2014—846 girls per 1,000 boys. The CM further claimed that efforts would be made to increase child sex ratio above 900.

We appreciate the aims and efforts of the present Haryana government and hope 2016 would bring even more fruit than 2015. Women empowerment is the need of the hour and all must respond, participation of the state authorities being of the utmost importance.

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Report: Women Head 6.67% of Educational Institutes

A report carried out by the Edushine Advisory Group showed that women head 6.67% of the higher educational institutes of India. It reviewed 810 higher education institutions of the country and found that 54 Vice-Chancellors or Directors were female. The report also claimed that women headed 9.8% Central Institutes and 8.61% state universities.

This is definitely good news. It indicates that the powers of progress and development at our work, even thought at the surface, they appear to be working sluggishly. Women all across the country must take inspiration from this and dedicate themselves to achieving fulfilling careers.

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Saudi Arabian Women Vote for The First Time

After centuries of suppression and discrimination, the women of Saudi Arabia have finally got to vote. They took part in the municipal elections held in December, 2015—contesting as both voters and candidates. 978 participated as candidates and approximately 1,30,000 women will got to vote.

This event is another landmark in the careers of those fighting for equality and women rights and we celebrate with them in this moment of history. Female suppression has long been synonymous with middle eastern countries. This occasion is a step in the direction, the destination equality

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India ranks 130 in Human Development Index

It’s good news for India. As per the latest report of United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), India was ranked on the 130th position on the Human Development Index(HDI), having jumped up five places since its 135th rank in 2013.

India’s HDI value for 2014 was calculated at 0.69, placing it under ‘the medium human development category.” Norway was ranked 1st.

HDI is a scale that measures the status of a country according to its life expectancy, literacy rate and per capita income. Currently, HDI is giving ranks to 188 countries.

While it is commendable that India has managed to better it’s standing since 2013, the country has still a long way to go before it can manage to be categorised as a ‘developed nation.’ A rank of 130 out of 188 countries indicates much room for improvement

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