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Taking a Stand

Only women and girls know the cost of being the ‘other gender’, the gender that is thought to be intriguing and mystical in some places and is looked down upon in most of the other places, where they aren’t treated with fair rationality and rather are looked upon as objects that can be tampered with. It goes without saying and may seem incredulous, if spoken to the contrary, that every girl at some point in her life has gone through some situation or has had an experience that has made her feel insecure in the body of a woman. Such incidents when often brought out into the open, unite women and raise awareness amongst them that their will need not be fettered and tamed by the male sex.

Talking about such instances, I’d take the liberty of going over an incident which occurred in front of me and my family that happened with my older sister, who is two years elder to me. My family and I were on a vacation in Kerala and on this particular day we were exploring the very famous Kovalam beach as naïve tourists and just enjoying the crowded but breath-taking landscape of the Malabar Coast. We were prancing about and clicking as many pictures as could be fed into the camera, when my sister noticed that a man was clicking pictures of her. My father and I brushed it off as just being too sceptical, however our apprehensions soon turned into contempt as he followed us in whichever direction we went, still pointing his phone’s camera towards my sister. We waited for a few minutes so as to ascertain the veracity of our assumptions. It soon became increasingly evident that the man had no intentions of minding his own business and went ahead taking pictures indecently. That’s when I had an internal conflict with my conscience. One part of me told me to let it go and leave the area and that we would never meet the man again but the other part told me to not let him go scot-free this time and actually teach him a lesson.

My father came to my sister’s aid and confronted the man. He refused to owe up to his indecency and resisted every effort to reveal his vulgarity. However, luckily there was a police officer in the vicinity and my dad called him over to where the man stood, many people had gathered around by this time. The police officer through his method ways made the man open his phone gallery and it was a shocking revelation to find out that he had more than a thousand pictures and videos of many such innocent women in his phone. He was made to delete them and was taken to the nearby police station where an FIR was lodged against him and his friends, unfortunately enough his friends managed to escape from the scene. Despite being outraged by such an act, I found some reassurance in the fact that a suitable treatment and justified punishment will be meted out to the doers of such ignoble deeds and was reaffirmed about my future course of action in similar situations where there will be no room for any doubts as to what should be done.

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