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The Contradiction

When asked what being a girl means to various guys, we are usually told that it is very easy, that we always have the option of falling back onto marriage if our careers do not lift off as well as we hoped. The irony here is great because most women are doing excellent in their careers but according to their families, only the trophy of being married matters, everything else is just a hobby that may drift away in a while.

Marriage is just an example, what the society is actually producing in us is a contradiction. A contradiction between being Independent and being what the society wants us to be. We are told to not be scared of the outside world, but then we are put in cages for our “protection”. We are told to go out, discover ourselves and find our identities, but one step forward and we are pulled back every time, so we try to figure out who we are in the little corners of the society that we are told to live in.

I think all of us have been the victims of the emotional d5095661rama that follows asking for permission for something you may have not done before like going out for dinner with your friends. And then you are blamed for ruining everyone’s mood because you finally got the courage to ask for freedom. That’s not what a girl is supposed to do in our society, at least the primitive part of society because the new generation is just pushing us to do so.

Even if we do escape the clutches of this Neanderthal thinking, and go out into the world, our minds are poisoned with various fears so that we eventually give up and come back to mother nests, living like nothing more but second grade dependents.

Our society can be considered to be a joke, because it’s in the process of changing so it believes in empowering women but it hasn’t changed completely so practically implementing women empowerment is nowhere to be seen. It’s like teaching a bird to fly but then telling it, why don’t you just fly in the cage, what’s the need to go outside?

So this is what it really feels like, being a girl, fighting against yourself and the society and yourself almost every day because you want to be great and you want to be independent but the society has other plans for you, so you fight a little everyday just to make your place in the world, just to feel a little better about yourself but sometimes the societal pressure becomes so much that all your will to fight just dissolves into thin air and you find yourself nodding yes to all questions while dying a little inside. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in my world, a girl’s world, how “easy” it is, here’s a summary of it.

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