UMEED- A Ray Of Hope

The vibes in IMA complex was enough to make anyone feel, that there is something extraordinary going on in the morning of 25th. ‘I am still human’ an NGO which aims to bridge the gap between the army and the common people, organized an event ‘Umeed’. The event was a fundraising program. All the money generated through the event was directly transferred to the Indian Army Battle Casualty Account. There were two guest speakers for the event. First one was the man who captured the Siachen, the highest battle field in India. The man is none other than, Lt. Gen. P. N Hoon (Retd) PVSM ASM SM. He is the senior advisor to the defense and security to the government of India. The second speaker of the event was Mrs. Lily Bawa who is a Virangana Shree awardee and the w/o martyr Lt. Col. Inder Bawa who sacrificed his life in the Indo-Sri Lanka peace keeping war, and was awarded Mahavir Chakra posthumously. Both are the senior exalted members of our organization.
The event started by screening our journey, two days back on 23rd ‘I am still human’ completed its two years anniversary. The journey was started by a simple man, or we can say a boy of 20 years who has a soul full of passion, mind with an idea, and a determined heart to bring a change in the country, the founder, Vivek Mehra. Success is not defined by the age, it is the maturity that your ideas hold and the bitter experiences that your life gives without giving you enough time. The video journey showed it all. The campaigns the drives and the love of our organization towards the society. From collecting one lakh letters, going orphanages, spending time in old age homes to organizing blood donation camps, the journey was like a breeze passed through an open window of time.

The event was officially inaugurated by the opening speech of Lt. Gen. K. J. Singh PVSM AVSM SM; his kind words were entitled towards the service of our nation, and the applause to the organization for its efforts. Now, it was the time for the climax of the show, it was the time when the legendary figure was to be introduced to our audience, Lt. Gen. P.N Hoon. A mesmerising video of him was played showing the eternal journey of his life, his childhood, Indian army, marriage ,retirement and his relations with ‘I am still human’. The video ended with national anthem, everyone present in the hall was stunned, and the inexorable claps said it all. Then a live question-answer session took place, and as always the charming personality of Hoon Sir eloped the environment and everyone was thoroughly drawn in. The same took place with Mrs. Lily Bawa, her introductory video showed how a mother abides her duty towards her children, and after losing her husband in the war she kept her heart strong and sends her son to the Indian Army, it is truly said that mother and motherland are above heaven, but when someone who has both motherhood and nationality, then a change has to come. There were other guest too, who graced the event and gave the organization a helping hand and a promise to be with us in future. Both the speakers were given the mementos from ‘I am still human’ as the honour of their presence and as a commemoration of this day.

Bringing into the scenario the musical twist we had the ‘New Age’ band, which performed so well and lifted the frame of mind of the audience.

The event went on, and our founder Vivek Mehra came over to represent the cause, and spoke about his journey of life. The program ended, the whole organizing committee was on stage and the donation of rupees 61,000 was announced to be donated into the Indian army battle casualty account. The audience was dispersed with certificates and refreshment, but above all with such an experience which everyone will cherish lifetime. The efforts of months, the sleepless nights the overtime working, from printing to writing and from thinking to application, our hard work bear fruit.

There is one thing which everyone of us should understand, we shall never be afraid of doing hard work, never step back because of failure, keep working hard, when god will not be able to hold your debt, then the paying off will be every job done, and every dream realized.

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