When eating becomes a sin.

At some point of time in our lives, we all have felt that a dress or a shirt would fit us better if we were a little skinny. We like to think that our entire personality, very well including the way we look would improve if we lost a few kgs. This line of thought is so very common but for a few, it turns into an obsession. Eventually leading to many diseases, the most prominent being an eating disorder.

We all love to eat but more than that, food is a necessity. Now, imagine having a condition where you eat excessively and then feel bad about it, where your image about yourself is so deteriorated that you think you can never be pretty unless you lose weight . Eating becomes a sin and everytime you feed yourself, you feel so bad that you induce in self-purging or excessive exercise or sometimes both. This condition is called bulimia nervosa. It is a life threatening disease which has affected people all over the world.
Bulimia is not just related to food but also to self-image. A skinny person who thinks that they are a little overweight can also develop bulimia. It causes an obsession with the body shape and weight and the fear of gaining weight takes up mostly all the spacbulimiae in their heads.
Bulimia is not just a mental disease, but it can also physically exhaust the body to such an extent that a person starts developing other health problems some of which include dehydration, heart problems, dental problems and anxiety and depression.
Many times since my childhood, I’ve felt that I was a little overweight and that people judge me because of it. Being called fat, even as a joke affected me a lot. Even today I buy almost all my clothes keeping in mind that I shouldn’t appear fat in them. Many people might have felt the same way. Our society promotes such unrealistic body images that it becomes unhealthy. Sometimes such feelings combined with comments or even looks can cause people to feel uncomfortable. Not just that, today we see all these “perfect figures” that make us feel insecure. All these factors can lead to someone happy and carefree develop bulimia.
What I feel is that we all should love ourselves for what we are for our body may look whatever way but what really matters is how we are inside. I would rather be a fat person with a good heart than a thin person with no heart.
Bulimia is a serious disorder and needs to be brought to attention. If you feel that someone around you maybe suffering from it or be on the verge of it, help them see that there is much more in life than fitting into society’s notions of beauty.

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