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When the night comes.

The darkness holds a lot of secrets, we consider it as evil, an opposite ti light which denotes happiness and good. This dark also signifies for a lot of women in India, danger.
Being a woman in India is scary, especially if you are one who has to stay out late at night. The dark which provides a blindness for our eyes and a perfect opportunity for savages seems to be a nightmare for most women in India. You never know what hides in the dark, what could happen to you when you walk down that dark road, you might just come out into the light with scars that would last an entire life. Or atleast, that’s what we are told by our parents, grandparents, aunts and basically the whole Indian society.
“beta, 7 baje tak aajana, safe nahi hain ladki ka bahar rehna itne late tak” is a dialogue every girl in her life has atleast once heard, either by her parents or some distant aunt who loves raining on our parade.
The most ironic part is the paradox it creates. You tell women to come back before dark, and hence there are less number of women outside after dark and because there are less number of women out after the dark, it gets even more unsafe.
While there are a lot of people who are allowed to stay out after dark, I have noticed that these people share something very big in common, their genders, they are all guys. We are living in the 21st century and still we live in a society where not even the parents but even women themselves think twice before moving out after dark because as I said before, the dark could be hiding anything. But that doesn’t mean that we stay inside our houses, scared of the men outside. We have to rise against such imposition over our freedoms. This is 21st century, we aren’t damsels in distress anymore, we have to come out and save ourselves. We have to fight for our freedoms. We have to fight for a safer society so that the sunset does not remain our curfew forever and no nosy aunties lecture us about how unsafe our society is.

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