Fight Corona Virus April 8, 2020

If we all come together as one , nothing in this world is impossible.
Certainly times are hard for all of us but there is still a lot to hold on to. We can’t let the clicking clock blind us to the fact that life is a mystery. It has been unravelled many times before and surely it will be solved this time as well. All that we are required to do is spread hope and resources.
IASH has been working for this for long and will continue to do so till the times are better for each one us. The food distribution drive will continue to bring people together by heart. It will keep uplifting their spirits for an amazing future that awaits them!
You can follow the link as given to support us.
Bank Details:
• Account Name – I Am Still Human
• Account No. – 044688700000033
• IFS Code – YESB0000446
• Branch – Sector 17, Chandigarh.
Paytm – +91-7508090030
Thank you!

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