Vivek Mehra

22 year old Vivek Mehra is the founder of I Am Still Human. At a young age of 11, Vivek’s career in cricket began with him playing at the national level. The next few years saw him honing and perfecting skills over several state level and national matches as a star batsman and bowler. Such great were his skills that a mere 8 years later, Vivek appeared in a reality show on Bindass channel called Cricket Champs which he also proceeded to win. Things took an even more positive turn for this talented man when he played with Kings XI Punjab.

It was at this point that he realised that his true calling in life was social work and bringing a change in the society and it was with this vision in mind that he started I Am Still Human on the 23rd February 2015. Since then, the organisation has conducted several blood donation camps, health check up camps, donation drives and rallies and candle marches for animal welfare.

Before I Am Still Human was the founder and owner of 4 other startups.

A workaholic by nature, Vivek’s aim is to bring a positive change with the help of the youth and in the process of doing so, changing their lives for the best and helping them be the best they are capable of. He doesn’t believe in stopping, unless a task is done and is beloved leader, inspiring all interns on a daily basis, yet at the same time, he is approachable and available to anybody who needs any help. He believes that a person’s work and his passion should be the same, and therefore he opened this organization and creates opportunities and events for his team members to work on their passion.