Indian Army : Sarv Dharam & Professionalism

I AM STILL HUMAN wishes Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters. Eid in 2020 is a very special one. People may not be able to celebrate it as every year but the love and faith is still intact and everlasting. May this auspicious occasion of Eid provides everyone good health, and further increase the spirit of brotherhood and unity. As is evident by the picture, we will today understand Army’s perspective on religion. One of the first things that the soldiers are acquainted with is the concept of “Sarvadharmasthal”. Sarvadharmasthal is a pious place with a Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara and a Church all together. The concept of celebrating all religions is one of the many beautiful traits of the Indian Army. This probably is one the reasons of the strong brotherhood within the force. This lets them have knowledge of all the religions, respecting all of them, and enhancing their overall personalities. The same also motivates the army men to be good humans and good soldiers. Army does not judge anyone by their name or caste, but only by their efficiency and courage.

This picture from an Eid celebration in Srinagar is a beautiful evidence of the secularity of India and its Armed forces. Three honorable army persons from different religions (Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim from left to right) jointly came together and took part in the Eid Ceremony. The locals from the area also joined all the ranks in the celebration which made the celebration even more special. This event was covered by media extensively which attracted a lot of mixed opinions. On the positive side, this beautifully portrayed the secularity of the armed forces and was widely appreciated. Among the negative ones, there were some people who suggested a conversion to Islam to the people who took part in the ceremony, fully ignoring the whole idea of secularity. One should always prevent from the negativity around and from being wrongly driven in the name of religion. Our army men have only one religion – ‘INDIAN’ and they mention it with their heads held high. Once having joined the armed forces, religion becomes immaterial. The only concept that is followed here is the One India Principle. An Indian soldier respects all the religions and holds high esteem for the democracy and constitution of India.

Being a country with diverse religions, differing perceptions are very likely. Among many who like to live happily with their brothers and sisters from different religions, there always are some people who have an agenda to be accomplished, or interpret the teachings of religion in a wrong manner. Politics in the name of religion is one of the major issues that India has to face every hour. This does not stop even when people are dying of Covid-19. The selfish motives of these people lead to feuds between the common men, ultimately leading to the success of people who planted this virus. Living in a democracy like India, it is our duty to act responsibly and not fall for the words of those who always have their ulterior motives. We should always find good in the teachings of religion and anyone who tries to convey the wrong meaning which destroys our unity, should be eradicated. Any religion does not teach about wars or disputes. Keeping this thing in mind, we should understand what is good for us and for our brotherhood. Secularity is an integral part of the constitution of India and we should do our best so that it doesn’t fall into jeopardy.

The pandemic of Corona Virus has led to people celebrating Eid from their homes. Some of them are unfortunately even away from their loved ones. But still what makes this Eid special are the virtues of love, affection and faith despite the distance. Corona Virus in disguise, has taught us a lot of things including how to be united and how to be a helping hand for the people in need irrespective of their religion. On this Eid, NGOs like ours distributing kheer and other basic utilities to the underprivileged people away from their families, conveying the message that we all are their family. Distance and all the negativity may bring a dispute among us for some time but more strongly we are together whenever a need arises. On this special occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr, we may not be together physically but let us take this opportunity to pledge to be together in thick and thin, being nothing but Indians!

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