Is this lockdown treating you with inbuilt anxiety? Or do you just feel upset for no reason to express? Well don’t worry friends, you are not alone in this. The whole world is suffering from this change of lifestyle. No schools, no colleges, work from home, have all got us into this abnormal routines for which our bodies are not used to. But this is not an excuse enough to do nothing about it. Our bodies are ours to take care of. To begin with let me ask you a question. What is your sleep schedule nowadays? The answer that I am guessing is, “Near to opposite of the usual”.

If I am right, then this is the first thing you have to work on. No, sleep will not help you prevent yourself from Corona Virus but it can prevent you from a lot of things that it is leading to hand in hand. Lack of proper sleep can lead to so many problems such as low immunity, obesity, depression and a whole lot to mention. If you’re putting on some weight, chances are that it’s not just because of the rising masterchef in you or your family members. Lack of routine sleep can add to it a lot more than you can imagine.

In other factors, shorter sleep durations is also strongly linked to depression. If you’re sleeping at the time of the usual waking up hours these days, I guess you do have an answer to why you’ve been feeling so cranky lately. Since we have no limitation to wake up at 8 in the morning presently, our inner human tendencies to procrastinate joyously comes up. So what to do? Listing all these problems, where are the solutions that we need?

Now that the lockdown is extended in India, we have plenty of time to work on ourselves. Firstly, try to set your routine and don’t ditch that alarm clock now. It is advised that you be consistent with your routines. Being disciplined just for one day won’t be of much use. On the contrary, that will only make you more tired. So set your own time by when you have to wake up necessarily, just as before. Next, try to make your day more productive. Bring back the things you loved doing previously in time or the things you have been looking forward to do “when you get time”.

It can be anything – reading, writing, painting, cooking, etc. In short, anything that makes you feel good or provides you with inner peace at the end of the day. Thirdly, engage yourself in some physical activity at home say, yoga, exercise or dance. In fact, there are many apps that can make your workout super fun. Go over them once. Fourth, get your body a balanced diet with timely meals. This irregular cycle is making many of us skipping breakfast as the sun rises after 12 in the lockdown.

Having proper meals will make your body really happy and that is what one wants in the long run, right? Also, please limit the intake of news in your system. You need not know the effects of Corona Virus your entire day. Checking news twice or thrice is more than sufficient in a day and this also includes limiting your time devotion to social media.

But this does not mean you have to be socially disconnected. Actually, it is a great time to call up your relatives, friends and even long lost friends. Connect with them and revive your relations. I believe that can make you feel way better in comparison with completing the peer pressure task of watching that trending series. Thus, leading to a great mental health.

At this time when Corona Virus is the only concern and washing hands, social distancing, etc. are the ideas highly broadcasted, do not forget to take care of your mind and body. We can all agree that a strong you can fight Corona better than a weak you. So have a good time doing what you love, but just in a routine which your soul and body would appreciate.

P.S. ‘I Am Still Human’ is an NGO dedicated to the welfare of the society and nation which primarily works for the welfare of the Underprivileged people, Indian Army and Women Empowerment. At present, we are working for the welfare of the underprivileged by providing them with free food and medical supplies in this Corona Virus crisis for which we are raising funds. We appeal you to contribute to this noble cause.

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