Fight Corona Virus April 11, 2020

Not everyone is equally privileged and a lot of people live life in shambles in complete destitute. Hold on a second, think of the people who are expecting least for their livelihood, still they are surviving a lot to earn it. All we need is each other. If today, in this infernal situation you will help them, out of nowhere, the blessing of them will going to be a greatest present for you , as we say that what goes around comes around. Trust me it always feels good to do something for a needy being, it assures you to be in a good spirit. IAMSTILLHUMAN provided ration for 15 days to those people who are in need. In this perturb situation be a ray of hopes in someone’s life. Share your hands with us. Your one step will create a great difference.
For Donations follow the link https://iamstillhuman.org/fightcoronavirus/
Bank Details: • Account Name – I Am Still Human
• Account No. – 044688700000033
• IFS Code – YESB0000446
• Branch – Sector 17, Chandigarh.
Paytm – +91-7508090030
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Fight Corona Virus March 26, 2020

During this tough time, I Am Still Human is providing support in the form of free Sanitizers and Masks to the underprivileged sleeping outside the shops and footpaths.
We humbly appeal to all of you to stay inside your houses and stay safe, also follow the instructions given by the administration.
Let’s fight Corona Virus together.
To support us, donate here – https://iamstillhuman.org/fightcoronavirus/
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Fight Corona Virus March 24, 2020

Helping the needy makes us human! In a scenario like the present one if you see someone hungry, please make them wash their hands/offer some sanitizer and feed them some food. But if you’re unable to go outside your homes, you can still help them by staying inside! Just donate any amount that you wish to on the link given here ” https://iamstillhuman.org/fightcoronavirus ” We will make sure that they get basic hygiene products and the food they need. Let us all open our hearts and show that humanity is still alive!
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